Fiore Raula Tights


Fiore Raula Tights are trendy and inexpensive!

These tights come from Fiore’s Elite collection that up to now has been very impressive. This particular offering is a glossy 40 denier style which comes in a variety of colours; in the case of our test sample plum.

The packaging is high quality, and we love the styling in the photograph, very classy indeed.

By no stretch of the imagination are these lightweight tights you can feel every one of the forty deniers in the weight, but what you also feel is an excellent smoothness and softness.

The styling of the leg is very straightforward just a straight leg with a basic plain reinforced toe detail. Overall the styling is sheer to waist with flat seams in the panty, and a cotton lined gusset in the midrange sizes. Fiore has used the T-band styling that we have seen on many of their tights, that is a reinforced area either side of the body seam and around the gusset that merges in with a finger band, all designed to aid durability. A nice touch is a Fiore motif in the finger band on each hip. The waistband is a two-stage design with a deep transition (2.5cm) from the finger band to the shallow waistband proper (1.2cm).

Sizing is accurate, but we found that the panty was quite short so that you get more of a hipster fit; no bad thing but something to be aware of if you like your tights comfortably up on your waist.

There were a few very slight flaws in our test pair that meant the colour was not entirely even which was a pity as otherwise, the high gloss finish was visually stunning.

Not the best that we have seen from Fiore but at £2.99 still good value.

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  1. These tights are fantastic from the fit, support, feel the waist band is great no roll down plus are very durable. I loved them so much that I have 4 of each color will get more when these wear out.

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