Fiore Passion Suspender Fishnet Tights


Fiore Passion Suspender Fishnet Tights are so good!

Of our 100 plus reviews today only about ten have been fishnets, something of a surprise as they are very much in fashion at present.

Suspender tights have also been something of a rarity with only about six pairs reviewed.

As far as we can recall these are the first fishnet suspender tights we have seen.

With today being the hottest day of the year so far in England we had no trouble finding a tester for what should be cool and airy tights.

Fiore makes this style in sizes 2-4 only and our size four pair looked tiny.

Opening them out revealed a very shallow waistband of good quality and four suspender straps with a pretty lace edging. The straight legs are finished with a simple toe seam.

Putting suspender tights on can be a challenge but in this case well worth the effort. The high Lycra content gives lots of stretches and a great fit. The waistband sat perfectly on our model’s waist.  So long as your hips and waist are under 42” you should get these tights on without difficulty, the legs stretch easily to suit all typical lengths of the leg.

As cool and comfortable as we had hoped these tights feel as good as they look, and that is pretty good. Among the best suspender tights and best fishnets, we have tried, certainly something to get in your wardrobe for the summer.

If we have a criticism, it is that they are only available (via ‘UK Tights‘) in black and white. A natural shade would be just the thing for summer.

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