Fiore Palome Tights


Fiore Palome Tights are a little underwhelming.

We were delighted when the UK importer of Fiore tights and stockings got back in touch with the offer of a new range to review; Fiore has consistently provided high quality and fantastic value for money.

Fiore Palome Tights are from the “Elite” range that we have not seen previously.

The packet as ever has a comprehensive description both in words and in graphics together with a size chart detailing the five sizes in the Fiore range.

First impressions are excellent; these are light, soft sheer to waist tights that feel sheerer than we would expect from 20 denier. The detailing is good with flat seams in the panty and the T-bar reinforced area either side of the seams and forming a transition between sheer panty and waistband. The finger band part of the T carries the Fiore motif on each hip. The waistband is unusual as it is made up of a very narrow right waistband (1cm deep) and a thicker transition band. The legs are straight and finished with a reinforced toe.

Sizing initially seemed a little on the small side, but there is plenty of stretches if you take care to put these tights on in line with best practice. If they don’t quite fit then start again all the way from your toes stretching as you go, don’t pull. Your reward for patience is a fantastic fit like a second skin. Sizing is accurate but not generous, and if you are between sizes, we suggest you go up one size.

At 20 denier these tights are just a little heavy to disappear entirely, but the look is more like a 12-15 denier. The reinforced toe is indistinguishable from the rest of the leg once on. The sheen is eye-catching but a subtle satin-like look rather than a gloss look. Colour is perfectly even.

In our opinion, these tights are underpriced by at least £1. Brand quality at not much more than supermarket prices.

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