Fiore Nicole Tights


Fiore Nicole Tights really show off your legs!

We had a few worries about the sizing of these tights, the chart on the packet suggested a size smaller than what we had chosen by referring to the usual size charts. These tights are made in three sizes: size two without gusset and sizes 3 and 4 with a cotton lined gusset.

The “feature” of these tights is that they combine the look of fashion leggings with fit and comfort of tights with a foot.

Unfolding them, you can see that there is no shaping in the leg nor at the heel. The brief section is topped with a 2,5 cm deep finger band with the Fiore-motif and a 4 cm deep waistband. Brief-seams are flat. The legs are finished with nearly invisible reinforcement at the toes, suitable for wear with open toe shoes.

Once on your legs, these tights do look like leggings, and they have a striking flowery pattern going from the ankle up to the finger band. The “leggings” part feels a little coarse on the outside but the look and feel on the legs leaves nothing to complain about.

In complete contrast, the ankle and foot section is smooth and sheer and shiny.

Overall the length and other fit are perfect, so the standard sizing is accurate. While the look is like leggings the comfort is much better, the foot holds the “cuff” in place, and because of this there is no need for elastic there, so you don’t get a ring around your leg. Having your foot covered makes shoes far more comfortable.

These tights look great with high-heels and a very short skirt. So go and buy them if you’re brave enough to show off your legs! They are a bargain for the price.

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