Fiore Nadine Microfibre Tights


Fiore Nadine Microfibre Tights are fantastic for their price!

We haven’t commented on the quality of the packaging of many pairs of tights (after all, you wear the tights, not the packet!). But when you look at the price of these tights at £2.76 and then the quality of design, printing and manufacture of the packet you are left wondering if any money was left for the tights.

The detailed description on the back of the packet, cleverly shown in pictures to avoid translation into 10 languages, suggests very good quality design in the tights too.

The legs are made without any shaping but they run all the way to waist without any change in weight or denier (see below). The body seams are flat although not well finished at the waist. The pair we tested were size XL (note to the packaging designers when your size chart reads sizes 1 – 5 it would help to label the front of the packet the same way) and that meant a comfort rear panel rather than the cotton lined gusset of sizes 3 and 4.

The look on the leg is nice with good dense even colour and a matte finish. Once you have the tights on you can see a definite change in colour density about 5 cm below the gusset. Above the transition line, there seems to be far less stretch leading to a less good fit in the panty area.

Not the best tights we have seen from Fiore, but at £2.76 they are ideal for everyday wear in the colder months. But do avoid wearing them with very short skirts or very short shorts.

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