Fiore Marisa Tights


Fiore Marisa Tights are dissatisfying.

Microfibre is something we are used to seeing in opaque winter tights, but this 20 denier offering from Fiore’s Elite range brings this soft fibre to sheer hosiery.

The feel in hand and the look straight from the packet are both exactly what we would have expected of an opaque; it is only when you consider how small they look that you realise how sheer they are made to look on the leg.

Construction is quite simple; straight legs finished with a light reinforced toe detail and then sheer all the way to the waist. The panty features fine cotton lined gusset (sizes 3 & 4 only) and flat seams. The waistband is a two-part affair with a deep finger band detail topped off with a right narrow waistband. Recent Fiore styles have featured a Fiore motif in the finger band, but on this style, the motif is in the sheer material of the leg placed on each hip.

As we said these tights looked small at first, but the 20% Lycra gives masses of stretch so that we can describe the sizing as accurate for hip sizing and potentially generous for leg length.

The fit is very close and comfortable with no bagging of sagging.

We had expected the look on the leg to be matt, but there was a definite sheen of the Lycra. Compared to regular 20 denier tights these look darker, more like 30 denier and we also had issues with banding in the colour of the black pair we tested. The banding may have been partly due to how much they were stretched on a long leg, but nothing we did could produce even colour over the whole leg.

A rare disappointment from Fiore, a pity as these is delightfully soft tights.

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