Fiore Idalia Tights


Fiore Idalia Tights is so worth the low price!

We usually talk about value for money at the end of our review, but the £2.40 price tag on these tights seems entirely out of step with the quality of the packaging and the artwork. The packet design is not only classy and attractive from the front but full of information on the back too.

The impression of quality continues when you get to the tights themselves. The legs have the same sort of look and feel as quality tights such a Charnos Sheer Lustre and Falke Seidenglatt. The straight legs are finished with a reinforced toe detail that is almost invisible and incorporated a run stop detail to stop holes in the toe becoming ladders in the leg. Sheer to waist with the T detail of seam reinforcement and finger band that is common on Fiore tights. The shallow finger band carries a Fiore motif on each hip, a nice touch at any price, marvellous at £2.49. The waistband is a two-stage affair with a more full lower part and a narrow heavier top. The two-part waistband and finger band together are some 6 cm deep.

The sizing is accurate with enough stretch to cope with a longer leg if you are a little taller. The fit is excellent, but it must be said it does not quite have the luxury feel of the Falke. The finish is fantastic, perfect even colour and ever so glossy; if you like a gloss look that borders on liquid, then these are the tights for you.

There are four colours to choose from; white, black, cappuccino and a gorgeous grey that we tested.

Great quality and superb value for money.

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