Fiore Graciana Tights


Fiore Graciana Tights provides another high-quality product!

Ever since we first saw Fiore tights, they have offered high quality at very reasonable prices, as time has gone by they have added some great designs to their range without following the general upward trend of hosiery prices.  So what about Graciana?

Sheer to waist tights with flat seams in the panty and T-band reinforcement, precisely what we expect from Fiore, much more than others offer at the same price. Cotton lined gusset too in the larger sizes for hygiene and comfort.

There is no shaping to the legs, but for once this is a positive thing. The ankle motif is on one ankle only, and the straight legs mean you get to choose which ankle to have the motif on. The motif is in the form of a delicate ankle bracelet with a drop pendant, simply knitted in and highlighted with Lurex. The motif won’t stand up to close inspection, but it catches the light nicely and will draw attention to your ankle.

Fiore says “invisibly reinforced toe”, and they are correct these tights have a good sandal toe with no sign of reinforcement. Perfect for strappy shoes.

Sizing is spot on as far as weight, and hip sizing is concerned, but the length is quite generous, plenty of stretches. The fit is good throughout.

Our one tiny gripe is that there were a couple of knitting faults in our test pair that appears as small darker horizontal lines; about forgivable on tights that otherwise offer so much for such a reasonable price.

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