Fiore Forte Tights


Fiore Forte Tights are something everyone should own!

We approach this review with some trepidation, as our past experiences with run resisting tights has been mixed. They either feel awful to wear or fail entirely at one of the seams when ordinary tights would have got a salvageable run.

This 20 denier style from Fiore passes the first test very well, these are beautifully soft tights. Sheer to waist aside from a deep finger band they have a genuinely invisible reinforced sandal toe detail, flat seams in the panty and a cotton lined gusset (sizes 3 & 4).

There are 5 sizes to choose from covering heights on 152 cm to 176 cm which is quite a narrow range (5’0” – 5’9”). Hip sizing is up to 128 cm (50”), weight up to 95 kg (210 lbs).

Our test pair came in size 4 and to test the resilience when stretched to the limit we chose a model who matched the hip sizing but was well over 5’9” tall. Much to our surprise, it was the hip sizing that was the biggest challenge, so much so that we would recommend you go up a size if you are in the upper half of the suggested size band. The length was fine, with more than enough stretch for an athletic 34” leg.

Even stretched to the limit we were spared the sound of a ripping seam. Full marks to Fiore.

Leaving aside their run resist properties, these are great sheer tights. The look and feel are lighter than 20 denier, and the fit is like a second skin. Colour is perfectly even.

At last, run resist tights that we can strongly recommend. I think we may be stocking up on a few extra pairs ourselves, if only they were available in other colours other than tan.

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