Fiore Activa 20 Tights


Fiore Activa 20 Tights are phenomenal, even at the lower price!

This is the first product from Fiore that we have reviewed. The packaging in encouraging, a good quality nicely printed cardboard outer with the tights in a bag on a card inside.

The good impressions continue when you take the tights out, they look to have a good smooth finish, and they feel delightfully soft in hand. A close visual inspection revealed two minor flaws in our test sample, quite acceptable in tights at this price. The construction of these tights is quite unusual. There is a 3.5cm deep waistband, and then a 9 cm deep finger band, aside from some reinforcement either side of the central seam the tights are them sheer to the toes. The body seams are flat, and there is a cotton lined gusset, high quality features seldom seen on less expensive hosiery.

The legs are unshaped and look to have good length. A feature that we have never seen before on any tights is an extension of the reinforcement in the toe to provide a reinforced sole with unique detailing under the arch. An excellent idea that should improve comfort and greatly improve durability. (Helen is particularly prone to small holes in her tights under the soles of her feet, this could be the answer.)

Sizing is not generous, but the sizing chart is accurate. The reinforced toe, sole and heel is right and improves comfort. The fit on the legs is excellent, and the finish is smooth, soft and even, the manufacturing flaws we noticed earlier not evident on the leg.

The panty is comfortable and stays in place well, sitting quite low on the waist. The Fiore motif woven into the finger band is a nice classy detail.

Excellent tights that we have no hesitation in recommending both for how they look and how they feel. At £1.75 they are the bargain of the year.

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