Falke Shelina Tights


Falke Shelina Tights are irresistible!

When looking at summer weight bare keg look tights, the standard against which we have measured all others is Falke Shelina. For years they have been the standard summer legwear for both members of the Tights Fashion team and the owner of a certain well known online hosiery store *hint UK Tights hint*.

Part of what made them stand out was that they were 100% nylon, no Lycra at all, stretching only because of the knit.

We were so busy wearing them that we entirely forgot to refresh the review when Falke changed the fibre mix to include polyurethane. In our defence we must say that the look and feel have not changed, the modified fibre does however significantly improve how they feel in hot weather, much cooler. It was the lack of warm weather in the north if England that caught us out and only a recent trip to the heat of Rome that drew our attention to the cooling properties.

So the 2012 version of Shelina is much like the previous ones, light, sheer to waist, sandal toes, flat seams, T-band reinforcement and a lined gusset. Perfect summer tights.

The fit is on the generous side of accurate with plenty of stretch for tall girls in spite of the lack of Lycra. You also get that essential “is she? Isn’t she?” bare-legged look with just enough shine for a healthy natural tan look.

Are they tights just for the summer? Well no, in fact as the weather cools these are the perfect way to stretch out your summer tan into autumn without catching a chill.  As things get colder still sheer tights are ideal for adding a layer under trouser.

Assuming they survive the winter, your Shelina tights will let you start the spring with a healthy tan too.

A firm favourite for a reason and still the summer tights to beat. Lovely sheer tights that are giving a perfect finish on the leg, invisible in the right tone.

Sheer gusset, very long in the body. Unshaped heel but a perfect fit. Feel far more fine and sheer than 15 denier, tights for touching as much as looking at.

My thanks to Bronwyn for letting me know how these tights perform long term. Sadly the durability of the pair she tested for me was not great, with threads pulling within an hour of putting them on. Other pairs of tights have performed well, even after being worn so many times. These are longtime favourites of ours that we have recommended for several years. If you can’t find them, Max Mara Premium 13 Tights look and feel very much the same as a similar price.

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