Falke Sensual Touch Tights


Falke Sensual Touch Tights are worth the price!

When we saw the name “Falke Sensual Touch Tights” our first reaction was that this must be a new sheer style from Falke for the Spring; Oh how wrong we were! These tights are designed very much for the colder months, ideal for the current weather.

The packaging describes them as “silk-cashmere blend”, but with just 8% of each of these fibres, this is perhaps just a little misleading. That mix of natural and synthetic fibres wasn’t just plucked out of thin air; we must assume that each is there for a purpose.

There are four colours to choose from, all classic shades for winter opaques, black, anthracite, light grey and navy blue. A sensible choice as these premium-priced tights is aimed at the well-dressed woman who wants to look good but stays warm in more formal environments.

Choice of size is limited to Falke’s sizes, Small/Medium, Medium and Large.

Falke is a major producer of men’s socks, and this shows in the construction of the foot of these tights which have a fully shaped reinforced heel and toe, they even printed the brand, style name and size on the sole!

From the ankle to the very deep soft waistband the tights are of uniform knit and weight. As with the heavier Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights, the Large size has the comfort gusset usually only seen on size 5 Falke tights. Construction is pretty much identical to that other style.

There is no escaping the slight sock like the look of these tights, but they are soft, comfortable, warm and cosy. The ribbing of the knit is subtle enough to give a finish far more like a pinstripe than ribbed school tights, very classy indeed.

Sizing is slightly on the generous side, the foot in the Large size will be a real issue if you have dainty feet, go down a size if you are on the border between sizes.

£27.00 may seem like a lot for a pair of tights, but these are tights that you will have to wear out, they won’t ladder. But I pair now, and they should still be going strong at the end of next winter.

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