Falke Sensation 20 Denier Seamless Tights


Falke Sensation 20 Denier Seamless Tights are the best!

The vast extra expense in making tights without seams means that new styles are rare and many of the seamless tights we have seen in the past are no longer made with just a few manufacturers such as Wolford maintaining seamless tights in their range.

Falke is one of our favourite hosiery brands with their Pure Matt and Seidenglatt tights being their day to day wear when not reviewing other brand and styles. So a seamless style from Falke in 20 denier and a matte finish is a rare treat.

First impressions are excellent, the soft matt material is like a slightly heavier version of Wolford fatal 15 Hold Ups, and there is no better recommendation as that is the benchmark for seamless pantyhose. The legs are lightly shaped at the heel and combine a sandal toe and perfect flat toe seam for maximum versatility and comfort.

There are several ways of creating seamless tights and the method used here is very similar to Wolford with the direction of knitting changing through 45 degrees in the panty giving faint diagonal lines front and back. As is frequently the case with seamless the panty is knitted short with waist-high length provided by a deep waistband, in this case, a lace waistband like with Wolford fatal lace tights.

Falke only makes this style in sizes 0-4 (Small-Large), and the sizing is a little less generous than some of their other styles, but it is still on the generous side of accurate, particularly regarding length; the large size would fit a very leggy 5’11”.

The waistband does sit a little low and to get the best fit a well defined or at least firm waistline would be best. The waistband can be little prone to rolling over if you lack tone around your middle, in that no different to Wolford.

Colour is perfectly even, and the 20 denier matt material gives excellent colour density.

Inevitably the question arises as to which we would choose, Falke or Wolford. The Wolfords are softer and sheerer, but the Falke have a sandal toe and fit just a little better on the leg, it is quite impossible to choose.

As a final test to see just which was longer in the body, the two were tried together, one on top of the other. What told us was that there is nothing to choose at all regarding size and length in the body, but if you ever feel the need for something heavier than 15 or 20 denier then forget the 50 denier options and wear the Falke and Wolford together!

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