Falke Sensation 50 Denier Seamless Tights


Falke Sensation 50 Denier Seamless Tights are perfect for cold nights!

When the Falke Sensation Tights arrived in 20 denier, and 50 denier versions in the middle of July we thought we would be reviewing the 20 denier and putting the 50 denier away until the autumn but the unseasonably chilly weather here in Northern England is perfect for 50 denier tights.

Light opaque seamless tights are not particularly standard, in fact, the only other style that fits that description comes from Wolford, and it is one of the few styles from them that we have not seen, so we have no idea what to expect.

Unlike most seamless tights these do have a definite front and back, Falke has included a label on the 5 cm (2”) deep waistband so that you can quickly tell back from the front, and it matters because the legs are shaped at the heel. The waistband is made of a geometric lace that will undoubtedly not disgrace if you happen to let it show.

Smooth and soft are the two words that come to mind when considering the material, closely followed by durable and stretchy.

There is no doubting the quality of the materials, nor the craft which is excellent from toe seam to the waistband, but that could be said of any tights from Falke, with seamless tights fit everything.

Various makers have tried different methods to make seamless tights with the significant differences coming where conventional tights would have a gusset. The very best are entirely sheer in this area, and we are pleased to report that Falke has gone for this top end detailing.

Only once you have the tights on, can you see the dark diagonal lines from the crotch area to high on the hip where the stitching changes direction? The darkness of line is emphasised by the fact that the front of the tights in the panty appears sheerer than the legs. By good design, the line sits in the crease where your thigh meets your hips.  The colour of the legs is perfectly even and has a matt finish with just a hint of sheen in direct light.

Seamless tights are frequently styled short in the body because of the way they have to be knitted; these are no exception the deep lace waistband being required to bridge the gap from hips to waist.

Sizing is accurate, and the fit is very good, the only slight issue we have is with the waistband which unless you have a pronounced waist or slim firm hips can be prone to rolling a little. What you do not get of course is any visible seam lines showing through even the most clinging of dresses.

These are well made, and durable tights that should last and last, perhaps not for everyday wear but they are a class apart from regular opaques and the way they follow every curve of your body makes you feel special.

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