Falke Monroe Tights


Falke Monroe Tights are a massive hit!

Jazz up any one of your outfits with these stunning striped tights from Falke. With a flattering vertical pattern, these tights will elongate your legs perfectly; what more could a girl want?

The pattern itself is made up of a combination of delicate mesh stripes and opaque stripes, which is very similar to that of a 30 denier. The stripes vary in width, around the leg, with some being thicker than the others.

The pattern runs from toe to waist, making them ideal to wear with your favourite little black dress.

Regular readers will know that Falke sheer tights are among our all-time favourites, their fashion designs are perhaps a little eclipsed by them so that it is easy to associate Falke with classic sheers and other brands with high fashion designs. This style and others we will be reviewing over the coming weeks remind us all that Falke do fashion too.

You don’t get much of the first impression of these tights, the first reaction is another matt finish opaque, but closer inspection reveals the vertical design of alternating plain and textured stripes. Falke quality is evident as soon as you open out the legs, they are shaped, and the pattern runs all the way from the toe seams to the waistband. In the panty, there are flat seams and a cotton gusset.

Falke makes these tights in 5 sizes from Small to Large, including what could be described as two half sizes of Small/Medium and Medium-Large. The combination of 12% Lycra and Falke quality mean that you can take some liberties with the sizing, but the pattern will look better if you get the right size.

The pattern is very flattering on the leg. The stripes are fine and open tulle that alternate, with the added twist, that as you follow them around the leg one gets wider as the other gets narrower with the result that the more open tulle dominates front and back and the finer tulle dominates on the sides of your legs. A smart and flattering design. That the stripes run straight over their whole length is a testament to the thought that went into the construction, a marked contrast with the Celeste Stein tights we looked at a few days ago.

Not only do Falke do fashion, they do it exceptionally well, but of course we expected nothing less.

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