Falke Diamond 10 Tights


Falke Diamond 10 Tights are well worth the price!

Despite Falke being one of our favourite brands this sheerest of their sheer styles has been one we have not looked at before. At ten denier they are the same weight as the Fond de Poudre Tights, but they are made with an entirely different finish.

At £12.95 they are the most expensive of the Falke sheers. Perhaps rarity is the cause, as we struggled to obtain a pair to test and even then it had to be size 3 (M/L) rather than the size 4 (L) we normally test when looking at Falke tights.

First impressions are very favourable, sheer to waist construction with legs shaped at the heel. The toes are completely sheer and finished with a beautiful flat seam, a perfect example of sandal toe tights. The waistband is quite shallow, but the finger band is about 4cm which bodes well for durability. The finger band has a little surprise too, on the left hip there is a Falke motif, and at the start of it, a tiny diamond (crystal of course) is stuck to the material. Seams in the panty are flat, and unlike the Fond de Poudre Tights there is no reinforcement either side of the seam, the gusset is, of course, cotton lined.

In hand these tights feel light and soft, that impression is repeated on the legs where these tights feel sublime. The look on the leg is more an impression of perfect skin than visible hosiery in the natural shade that we tested.

Fine hosiery can often be fragile, these tights gave an impression of strength and we had no worries about stretching them. The sizing is perfectly in line with the size chart, we expect nothing less from Falke, but we had no problems stretching them to fit someone much taller than the 5’8” maximum height suggested for size 3.

So these tights look good, feel good and are beautifully made. Is there anything to criticise? No; at £12.95 they are good value too, equal to anything Wolford or Fogal produce.

Still, no size 4 (L) come our way, but the size 5 (XL) sample just arrived from UK Tights does give us an excuse to test the style again.

These are deliciously soft, smooth, sheer tights and we love the entirely shaped leg and sandal toe detail.

Being an XL size from Falke there is a V-shaped rear comfort gusset rather than the cotton lined gusset of the smaller sizes. Styling is unaltered since 2009.

The XL size is intended to cope with 4” more height, 75lbs more weight and 12” more on the hips than the size three we tested previously. The sizing is accurate with plenty of stretch and strength; we would suggest that unless you need the size in the hips, tall ladies should buy size four rather than size five as the length will be adequate with either, that way you get the cotton gusset. That said for once the comfort gusset is not ruining the fit and feel.

A little bit of luxury is well worth the asking price. If you see some, buy them.

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