Falke Amelita Tights


Falke Amelita Tights are sublime!

Love them or hate them open-ended tights are very much the fashion of the season. Whether it is merely an open toe detail or a Capri length, sheer or opaque, this type of hosiery is prevalent nowadays.

The 15 denier offering feels delightfully soft and light, as you take, is from the packet, altogether lighter than other 15 denier tights from Falke that we have seen.

The design is exactly what we would expect from Falke, flat seams in the panty, a ventilated cotton lined gusset and aside from a narrow strengthened strip either side of the seam sheer to waist. Being footless of course there is no toe detail; the legs are also finished with a very narrow hemmed cuff.

Sizing is on the generous side of accurate, and there is enough stretch for you to decide to wear the cuff at your ankle or in the middle of your foot as shown in the packet photo above. The fit is excellent and whichever way you choose to wear them these tights are comfortable.

The leaf motif at hip and ankle is attractive but in our opinion adds little to the overall effect. As soft sheer matt tights, these work very well indeed. The footless detailing and the gusset design mean you could wear them when regular tights would be too hot.

We did notice the odd caught thread in our test pair, most unusual for Falke tights which have perfectly even colour even if several cycles of wearing and washing. Incidentally, they are only available in black.

Very nice but given the choice of these or two pairs of Falke Shelina for summer wear (and £1 change!) we know which we would choose.

Or for a combination that looks and feels fantastic try these on top of a pair of Falke Shelina!

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