Falke Allover Elements Tights


Falke Allover Elements Tights are so nice and warm!

One little niggle to start with, why don’t Falke put the style name of the packets of their fashion tights? I guess all you care about is whether you like the picture and want the look, but it is a nightmare for the reviewer.

No packet notes either by the way, just a reminder that they are 20 denier appearance, the fibre mix and the size chart. The size chart is pretty standard for Falke with a selection of European sizes and height, weight and hip measurements for the UK and USA. Five sizes are defined S, S/M, M, M/L and L which is Falke sizes 0-4, there is no XL or size 5.

From the picture we expected these to be net tights, but they are in fact a net pattern on a sheer base. There a plain reinforced toe detail then the material is uniform all the way to the waistband. The panty features flat seams and a lined gusset. The legs are unshaped.

Our test pair came in Size 3, M/L intended to fit up to a height of 5’8”, a weight of 150lbs and 42” hips. Apologies if you are used to metric units, even though Falke are German they did not provide a conversion. OK, we can do the sums for you: heights to 173cm, weight to 68kg, hips to 107cm. Our model usually wears size 4 in Falke so the 18% Lycra may be needed.

You can trust Falke to deliver quality, and they have done it again. The toes are finished with a smooth, soft toe seam for optimum comfort, and that comfort carries on all the way to the waist.   Stableetching to get extra height was no problem at all; there were stretch and strength to spare, 34” or 86cm inside leg no problem; using all the stretch produced a fantastic close fit. Hip sizing is pretty much spot on so don’t try to steal any inches there.

Of course, fashion tights are mainly about the look, and here Falke has delivered again; the design is eye-catching and, despite being entirely regular, the pattern manages to be visually slimming. The purple/red shade called Barolo is perfect for the season too. (Barolo is a particularly dark red wine from northern Italy by the way).

£20 is not cheap, but these are great looking tights that are a delight to wear and made well enough to last you through the colder months.

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