Falke Aliya Tights


Falke Aliya Tights are as amazing as usual!

Falke managed to set new levels for minimalism with the information on the packaging of these tights; there isn’t even any mention of the style name come to think of it this has been something they have done before with their fashion tights. Anyway, other than the picture on the front there is a note on the back to say these are fashion tights of 20 denier appearance.

There is a size chart which details five sizes from Small to Large with intermediate sizes Small/Medium and Medium/Large. Unfortunately, Falke is only making this style in those two intermediate sizes, a trend that has come from lesser brands which we see as a very backward step. There are at least three colours to choose from, black, platinum and rosemary.

You can’t call these tights 20 denier or sheer to the waist as they are tulle with a lace pattern, they are indeed of even texture and design from hip to toe but not sheer. The legs are shaped at the heel and seamed without reinforcement at the toe; the panty has a cotton lined gusset and flat seams with just a narrow reinforced transition to the lace tulle.

We can forgive Falke for the limited choice of size because there is plenty of stretches, the M/L size fitted a model who would typically wear size L. There is far more length then the heights in the size chart would suggest. The fit is perfect too.

As well as not looking anything like 20 denier tights these don’t feel like them either; they feel both heavier and warmer.

Lace patterns can sometimes be unflattering, but the strong vertical elements in design mean that the effect here is to make your legs look both longer and slimmer while at the same time enhancing the curves.

A well-considered design executed to Falke’s usual high standard. Classy enough for the evening but practical for regular daytime wear too.

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