Falke Active Support Tights


Falke Active Support Tights provide so much support!

We don’t get to see a lot of support hosiery which is a pity as a lot of people find it to be a vital part of their everyday wardrobe either because of an occupation that that sees them sitting or standing most of the day or because of a medical condition. This type of hosiery is also ideal for long-haul air passenger to help prevent DVT. We can’t comment on the medical aspects; this review will focus as ever on the look and feel of the tights, quality and value for money.

First off these tights feel entirely different from 20 denier fashion tights, they are altogether more robust with an almost rubber-like feel in hand. Construction differs too with a fully fashioned heel to help with fit.

All sizes of these tights have a sandal toe detail and flat seams in the panty, sizes 0-4 have a cotton lined gusset while size 5 has a comfort gusset in a boxer style panty.

You notice the compression as you bunch up the legs in preparation for putting the tights on, they are so tight it is quite a trick to put your foot in and get your hands out. Once you have the feet in and the heel correctly positioned it is just a matter of gradually stretching the material up your legs.

Not the easiest tights to put on but well worth the effort. The compression is hardly noticeable your lower legs simply seem lighter. The look on the leg is fantastic; the colour density is greater than for regular 20 denier tights, so minor skin blemishes are well hidden, the finish is perfectly even and has a delightful shine to it.

Not only will these tights make your legs feel fresh and rested on a long day they will show them off to best effect too. There is a choice of 6 colours including two pale skin tones, black and navy blue.

Fantastic quality tights that feel like they will last and last, well worth the price.

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