Donna Karan Sheer Tanga Pantyhose


Donna Karan Sheer Tanga Pantyhose are unbelievable!

There is no denier shown on the packet, but Alex Blake reliably informs us that the legs of these tights are eight denier. There is no mention that there is a control top either, but again Alex Blake suggests a light control panty.

Enough of what is missing from the packet. What it does tell you is that Donna Karan have thought a lot about sizing; there is a Small size and a Medium size both designed for ladies up to around 150lbs/68kg which between them cover heights from 4’11” (150cm) to 6’0” (183cm), then there are two larger sizes one for the more rounded figure and one for the longer legged lady. We have heard nonsense in the past that the stretch of pantyhose means that sizing is purely volumetric and that the same pair will fit a short, curvy lady and a tall skinny one but as anyone with an extreme figure will tell you styling for a body shape works much better.

It is quite a while since we said that a pair of tights flowed out of the packet, but these did; the light sheer legs just moved softly over out hands until brought up short by the weight of the tanga brief. The eight denier legs are finished with a simple toe seam; then it is the sheer material the way to the hip. The tanga panty is cut narrow on the tummy, like a thong at the back and very high on the hip. The seams in the panty are flat and very well made, and there is a cotton lined gusset. The waistband is quite thick at just over 1” (3cm).

Fit and finish are very good, although we must say that they are not the finest looking eight denier tights we have seen, our estimate would have been 10-12. Sizing is on the generous size of accurate with masses of leg length available in the “Tall” size.

The panty is excellent, just a hint of control without any constriction. Perhaps, more importantly, the panty is styled in such a way and is opaque enough, that there is no need to wear any other underwear.

If you are looking for very classy hosiery for a smart evening event then look no further, these pantyhose will give you an entirely smooth silhouette, the sheer legs in black will accentuate every curve of your legs and the sandal toe is perfect with strappy shoes.

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