Donna Karan Sheer Control Top Pantyhose


Donna Karan Sheer Control Top Pantyhose are so sexy!

The first point of note for these tights is the sizing, there are four sizes but rather than go up sequentially like most tights here there is a medium size sized for the average woman and then small/petite if you are shorter, plus petite if you are shorter but of fuller figure and tall that allows for a little more height and considerably more curves.

Soft and smooth are the two words that spring to mind when you first take these tights in your hand, they feel delicious! Opening them out you realise that softness was the gorgeous shaped sheer leg (we estimate around 10 denier). The panty is less soft and quite a piece of engineering.

The legs are finished with an entirely sheer sandal toe detail. Just below the cotton lined gusset the sheer leg gives way to the heavy opaque panty, the panty is styled high cut to emphasise leg length. The panty is made with top quality flat seams with a strengthened area either side giving a transition to the main part of the panty, this strengthened area is styled like a tanga panty the front part being ribbed and designed for maximum tummy control.

What a delight to wear, the legs feel beautifully soft and in the black that we tested have an incredibly sophisticated look to them, perfect even colour a slight shimmer and obvious quality. The control top is a control top worthy of the name you can feel it caressing your hips and smoothing your tummy and shaping your bottom. There is enough length in the body to shape and smooth your waist too.

The look almost manages to be sexy, clearly best worn without any other underwear. Most ladies will aim to keep underwear to a minimum when wearing these tights! These are the perfect secret under that little black dress, providing a foundation and a smooth silhouette, whether you need the control of not we would recommend these pantyhose for a classy night out.

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