Donna Karan Satin Sheer Control Top Pantyhose


Donna Karan Satin Sheer Control Top Pantyhose are necessary for everyone!

For reasons that we can’t quite fathom, Donna Karan cover their packets in writing but tell you nothing about the pantyhose other than the style name, size and colour. The sizing is interesting though with four sizes, Small and Medium for weights up to around 115lb (70kg) and then Plus Petite for heavier ladies up to 5’4” (163 cm) and Tall for heavier ladies 5’5” (165 cm) to 6’0” (183 cm) tall. This system provides for a far greater range of shape and size than the more traditional linear system where each size is a little taller and longer than the last. Our test pair is in the Tall size.

So how are they made? The legs are sheer, shaped at the heel and finished with a sandal toe detail, there is no denier on the packet, but we would guess 12-15 denier.  The control panty is in the form of a low cut leg, just enough to add a little length to the leg while making sure that hips and bottom are entirely contained. The real control part of the panty is in a Tanga style within the main panty; there is a substantial V-shaped stretch panel in the front that narrows to the cotton lined gusset and them continue as a reinforced band either side of the flat rear seam. The reinforced area continues to provide a finger band to give a sharp transition to the deep waistband.

These are well made and well-detailed tights, but it only matters if they look and feel good to wear, and they do.

The light sheer legs are made long and generous, so the Lycra provides fit rather than stretch unless you are full in the leg. The sandal toe detail and satin sheen on the legs give a classy and sophisticated look.

The control top is very comfortable and does its job well, the front panel provides tummy control, and the tighter control of the rest of the panty means you get a smooth silhouette and no feeling of being squeezed. The styling and the cotton gusset mean these pantyhose are perfect for wearing without other underwear.

Whether you need the control or not these classy pantyhose are perfect for any time of day and is easy to recommend.

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