Donna Karan Luxe Sheer Control Top Pantyhose


Donna Karan Luxe Control Top Pantyhose is so comfy!

The first point of note for these tights is the sizing, there are four sizes but rather than go up sequentially like most tights here there is a Medium size sized for the average woman and then Small/Petite if you are shorter, plus petite if you are shorter but of fuller figure and tall that allows for a little more height and considerably more curves.

As you can see from the picture there is a vast contrast between the legs and the brief part of these tights; the legs are very sheer, perhaps even less than our 12 denier estimate, they are soft and very finely knit; the brief is quite heavy and opaque but still soft.

The shaped legs are finished with a sheer sandal toe detail that has one of the shortest seams we have seen. On first look, the legs themselves look pretty short too, but time will tell.

The brief is nicely shaped in the “low leg” style and is well finished with flat seams and a cotton lined gusset. The waistband is soft yet strong and around 1” (2.5cm) deep.

We need not have worried about the apparent lack of length in the legs; the fine sheer material with its high proportion of Lycra simply stretches incrementally.   Once on your legs, the look is like makeup rather than hosiery, you almost need to touch to see if there are tights there at all. Sizing is spot on, and the fit is excellent.

The control top is conformable and keeps the legs perfectly in place. The degree of control is not overly great, more of a smoother than a shaper. What is perhaps best about the control top is that the opaque construction and cotton lined gusset means that you can manage without other underwear for a smooth silhouette under clingy dresses and skirts.

Great looking comfortable pantyhose.

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