Donna Karan “The Nudes” Control Top Pantyhose


Donna Karan “The Nudes” Control Top Pantyhose are incredible!

The packet notes for these tights tell us very little other than what Donna Karan thinks about sheer pantyhose, there are however two interesting facts about the hosiery anorak. Firstly the yarn used to knit these tights is not a straight mix of nylon and Lycra threads, there is a third component which is a yarn made up of both fibres. Secondly, these American pantyhose are made not in the USA, but in El Salvador. Although some American’s may not like to hear this our experience is that hosiery made in El Salvador is more “European” regarding style and quality and far better than hosiery produced in the USA.

Sizing is very sensible, rather than four sizes each accommodating more height and weight there are two slim fits sizes and two larger sizes for those with less slender hips, both pairs fitting the same range of heights. The overlap is around 150lbs, 68kg. Our only criticism is that the name “tall” is used for the biggest size, possibly confusing if you are tall and slim and don’t read the size chart carefully.

So what do you get for your £10?

The contrast between the light legs and the control brief is massive. The straight legs finished with a sandal toe detail, are gossamer thin, like a lighter version of Falke Shelina, light enough to be worthy of inclusion in our summer tights section if it were not for the control top. The control top is cut in the style of a thick leg panty and is opaque and stretchy. The cotton lined gusset and flat seams in the panty are signs of quality design. Our only criticism of the construction is the deep waistband which although joined using the flat seam stitching has been overlapped at the seam both front and back.

As you may expect from the wise words of Ms Karan these tights do indeed seem to disappear, the legs do anyway. Very smooth and perfectly sheer the effect is just a flawless finish on your legs. The high Lycra content in the fibre ensures a perfect fit, far superior to the Lycra-free Falke Shelina…although to be fair to Falke these pantyhose cost twice as much. The panty indeed does not disappear, nor it has to be said does it control much either, more a smoother than a squeezer.

The upside of the design of the panty is that you can safely wear these tights with no other underwear safe in the knowledge that you will have no visible lines and should you happen to be wearing a short skirt and accidentally give a flash then your modesty will be suitably protected.

All in all, a fantastic pair of tights, a little more attention to detail in the seaming in the panty would have been nice but accurately sized, comfortable; sheer hosiery will always get top marks from us.

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