Couture Sheer 15 Tights


Couture Sheer 15 Tights have created another great product!

With all the patterned fashion hosiery we have seen recently it would be easy to forget that sheer hosiery exists at all, luckily a review sample arrived for what we hope will be a high quality sheer to remind us of what we like most about tights.

These tights come in a nicely designed box which creates an excellent first impression, and that right impression is maintained when you first see the tights then feel them as they just glide off the card into your hand.

Sheer to waist of course with fully shaped legs and heel. The toes are finished with a lightly reinforced toe detail, although it is sheer it is quite easily distinguished from the leg so we would suggest that there are better options if you plan to wear open shoes.

The panty features flat seams and a narrow T-band to give strength at the seams, around the gusset and at the transition to the waistband. Simple, classic and functional.

Sizing is spot on but not overly generous, select the correct size though, and you will be rewarded with an excellent fit. Colour is perfectly even, and at 15 denier there is just the right amount colour density to make it clear you are wearing tights but not so much that your legs are completely hidden.

Pricing at £8.95 is pretty brave as it pitches this style into head-on competition with the likes of Falke and Kunert both of whom make excellent 15 denier hosiery. They say fortune favours the brave and if there is any justice Couture will do well with this style as it is a match for the German competition. Falke is our favourite brand for mid-price quality sheers but their 15 denier offering is glossy, and their matt offering is 20 denier…Couture has managed to fill the gap with this 15 denier matt finish style.

UK Tights have this style of colour called “Smoke”; this is a pale grey with a hint of purple. Not a typical tone but one that flatters the legs and a great compromise between natural and barely black.

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