Couture Sheer 10 Tights


Couture Sheer 10 Tights is almost perfect!

It has been a while since we last looked at a pair of tights bearing the Couture name and in that time the brand has had several owners. In the past, Couture was synonymous with good quality hosiery, and we hope that this is a return to form.

The packaging is not a bad start, a full cardboard box with a picture and a small window on the front and extensive styling notes and sizing chart on the back. The tights are presented on a card inside a sealed plastic bag, and very sensibly this is all sized such that it will be easy to put the tights back in the packet after wearing and washing.

Even on their card and in the bag you can feel how little weight there is in these tights, out of the bag you realize what they mean by “superior handle” they mean feather light and gossamer thin.

Sheer to waist with very lightly reinforced toes and shaping at the heel the detailing is simple but elegant. Just the narrowest of reinforced strips either side of the flat seams and around the cotton gusset and a finger band for durability. The waistband is soft and straightforward.

The finish on the leg is flawless with perfect even colour, sheer enough to give a bare-legged look if you select the correct shade for your skin tone. The toe detail is only visible on very close inspection so these can be called sandal toe tights.

The sizing is spot on, and the fit is excellent.

If we have a criticism it is that at the time of writing the only two shades available are smoke and cocoa. Both great colours, the smoke shade being particularly classy, but black and a few skin tone shades would be nice, please.

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