Charnos Two Tone Cube Tights


Charnos Two Tone Cube Tights fall flat.

Overlooking the open packet, aka cardboard hanger, that these tights arrive in/on first impressions are pretty good. There is an impression of quality and a textured feel not unlike a soft fishnet. Stretch the material over your hand, and the original square geometric pattern is revealed, of which later.

As for construction, these are tights of great contrast, the legs are unshaped, but they are well made and made without a reinforced toe which makes them far more versatile when it comes to choice of footwear. The pattern stops just south of the gusset, and the fact that there is a gusset is the only positive thing we can say about the panty.  The plain panty is just rather cheap and dull; styled as it is anyone wearing these tights with very short shorts or a very short skirt is going to commit the fashion faux pas of having the panty section showing.

Another grumble about the packet. The size chart details four sizes, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large, our test pair of tights are size M/L…which is what size exactly? A case of a standard packet to which stickers are added without any check as to whether the information on it is relevant. Come on Charnos you can do so much better!

Our test reveals that the M/L will stretch to cover the size range defined for “Large” in fact we found that a maximum height of 6’0” (183cm) together with a maximum hip size of 42” (107cm) could be accommodated simultaneously. Yes, the fit is snug at this maximum stretch, but that is no bad thing.

The most upsetting thing about these tights is that the legs look exquisite, smart, classy, stylish, slimming…even a little expensive. Taking the pattern to the waistband and adding flat seams would have added to the cost, but also put them into our must-have category.

If you keep the tops of your thighs covered this style would indeed be a good choice for the colder months of the year. An amazing design let down by inadequate attention to detail.

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  1. Always enjoy reading reviews for thoughts of future purchases in fact spend hours reading. Am more a glossy ,glitter look person but love all tights even one’s of color is a great fashion item for all to enjoy. These tights are interesting would love to be able to enlarge image to see what they look like.

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