Charnos Simply Bare Tights


Charnos Simply Bare Tights are an instant classic!

Fist impressions of these tights are a little confusing, looking as they do like a pair of cheap tights with a heavy and not in the least bit summery boxer style brief and unshaped legs.

It is only on closer inspection that you can see that the brief is a very open knit, clearly designed to give good ventilation. The seams, in the brief, are very nicely made, but not flat. The small gusset is cotton lined.

The legs are very light and stretchy and finished with a sandal toe.

Our test pair in “tan” looked very dark, almost chocolate until they were on, then the sheer leg almost disappeared, so you see just a slight sheen and a hint of colour rather than tights.  The feel as good as they look, particularly when you cross and uncross your legs; something you may find yourself regularly doing just to remind yourself you are wearing pantyhose.

Incredibly light – incredibly strong. The first pair of tights that lets your legs breathe. Perfect skin tones for sensational “summer legs” all year round and ideal for warmer weather. Also, enhance your natural skin tones.

The panty section does its job well, but you would not choose to show it off. Take care of just how short you go with your skirts when wearing these tights.

Ideal for summer but perfectly suited to giving your legs that freshly tanned look at any time of the year.

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