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Charnos Sheer Lustre Tights are the softest tights around!

There was a time, many years ago, when there was no such thing as a website where you could read about tights to find out what they were like. The only way for a gentleman to buy tights for his lady was for him to pluck up his courage and go into a department store and ask.

Why are we telling you this here? Well, all those years ago when our webmaster wanted to buy tights for his wife at Christmas these were the tights that were recommended. Those few notes jotted down at the time, and reproduced at the bottom of this page, are the first seeds of this site.

The tights have undergone a few changes over the years going from a boxer style brief to a lacy brief and then to sheer to waist construction in this latest (2008) version. The range of available colours has changed too over the years, and in the newest version, the denier increases from 10 to 15.

In all respects other than the brief detail this new design appears to be an evolution of Charnos Elegance Tights. No bad thing, when we last looked at those, we suggested they could replace Falke Seidenglatt as our favourite tights.

First impressions are that the new design is less glossy than the original, no bad thing as they were perhaps a little too much.

The feel in hand is very smooth and soft. The shaped legs look very classy, and quality is evident from the sheer sandal toes to the finger band that provides a durable transition between the sheer to waist construction of the legs and brief. The finger band runs into a narrow band of reinforcement that runs either side of the flat seams in the panty and around the cotton lined brief.

It was hard to decide which of the lovely colours to try first, in the end needing a pair of tights to go with a grey outfit we opted to try the silver-grey first. This colour more than most shows off the shine and lustre even before you put them on, the appearance is almost metallic.

Very little of the lustre is lost as you stretch these tights up your legs, and pull them you will have to, they are not overly long. But these are durable and stretchy tights, smooth them carefully up to your legs and you are rewarded with a fit like a coat of paint.

The feel is as smooth and glossy as the look suggests. They feel soft from the inside too!

Not quite so glossy and lustrous on the leg as the original sheer lustre tights, but much chicer and refined. All we need to do now is to find outfits to show off the other colours.

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