Charnos Multi Diamond Tights


Charnos Multi Diamond Tights need to up their game.

Somewhat mixed first impressions with the simple boxer style brief and raised seams, but at least there is a gusset to help with fit.

The legs are straight and finished with a plain toe detail.

More positive is the softness of the material and the design. The design is a variation on a trellis pattern on a sheer background.

Just two sizes but this are not that limiting as there is lots of stretch such that the M/L size will fit an athletic 34″ leg…Long in any sizing scheme. Charnos suggest a height range of 5’10” to 6’0” if your hips are 34”-38”, 5’5” to 5’9” id your his are 34”-42”, we would suggest that you could get away with maximum height and hip size together.

The fit is skin tight hip to toe.

The pattern is well defined and visually compelling, although to our eye the “closed” intersections (see above) look odd compared with the “open” intersections, why not just stick to one?

Although quite sheer these are warm tights ideal for the colder months of the year. Celebrated in early Autumn with a short skirt, as good in winter with a more extended dress and boots.

Regarding pure quality, we have seen better fashion tights, the legs are great, but that boxer style brief is pretty appalling, the only saving grace is that the gusset makes for a comfortable fit. Wear these tights with shorts or a short skirt and the tops of the legs will show and your style credentials will be destroyed.

An excellent design concept ruined by cut-price detailing and manufacturing. Given that many young women buy tights to go with shorts or indeed very short skirts there is just no excuse for using a plain boxer style brief on any tights, notably patterned fashion tights at £8.00 a pair.

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