Charnos Light Support Tights


Charnos Light Support Tights are perfect everyday tights!

These are very light tights; there is no clue that they support tights when you take them from the packet. Very many tights of two halves the straight legs are bright and sheer and finished with reinforced toes. The boxer style brief is heavier and more built for function. The seams in the brief and around the cotton lined gusset are not flat, but they are well finished.

The first clue that you get that these are tights for support is when you stretch them to put your first foot in, and then you only feel it at the very last part of the leg. Once on your legs, you can barely feel the compression at the ankle, and although the compression is only light, you can feel it decrease up your leg.

There is neither control nor compression in brief, and sizing is accurate with enough stretch to go a little over the sizes on the size chart.

The look on the leg is good, but even though only ten denier there is no way anyone will think you have bare legs. No attempt has been made to give them a unique glossy or powder finish, but they do have a beautiful sheen in the right light.

The fit is excellent, and the colour is perfectly even. They do make your legs feel much lighter and fresher. Maybe not tights for that big date, but just the thing if you are standing or sat at a desk all day for work. Nobody will ever guess that you are wearing support hosiery either. Highly recommended for discrete support of tired legs.

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