Charnos Chevron Net Tights


Charnos Chevron Net Tights is a classic design!

Net tights are one of the less important trends of the season, they are not hitting the celebrity fashion headlines, but most manufacturers seem to be adding new net styles, either classic fishnet or something more adventurous.

One small grumble to start with, the size chart on the rear of the packet describes four sizes from Small to Extra Large but our test pair came in size Medium/Large which we can only assume covers both of those sizes, and if this is the case then these are mostly one size tights. A little research reveals there is also a Small/Medium size so it would be nice to have guidance as to which size will fit the average woman. On the subject of choices, these tights are available in black or grey mix.

The construction of these tights is markedly similar to the Pretty Polly tights we looked at yesterday, a little plain reinforced toe detail than a uniform net all the way to the narrow waistband. No seams in the panty but a generous lined gusset which we are pleased to say seems more strongly seamed than that in the Pretty Polly Spot Net Tights. Interestingly the elastic waistband in this style is identical to that used by Pretty Polly and recently by Jonathan Aston on one of their Burlesque styles, so at least we know it will work.

Fishnet sizing can be a little problematic sometimes, but Charnos seem to have it right here if the size was defined we could probably hail its accuracy!

The fit is perfect, and the gusset, waistband and toe detail all combine to make these very comfortable tights to wear.

The chevron design looks stunning, particularly in the grey mix colour which combines light grey and black thread. The design flatters the leg, enhancing curves without shortening.

A very classy design, well executed at a sensible price; these tights deserve a place in your wardrobe.

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