Charnos Cable Pattern Opaque Tights


Charnos Cable Pattern Opaque Tights are chic, yet affordable!

This is one time when buying tights online is far safer than buying in a store in a hurry. The open packet that these tights come in is a generic Charnos Patterned Opaque Tights packet, and the picture is an entirely different style. What you get is what has been pictured above. The cable pattern name comes from the fact that the design is based on cable-knit pullovers, that style of a pattern being so named because the texture is that of a rope, and cable is a nautical term for a rope.

But enough of the educational stuff; what are the tights like?

Well, black mark to Charnos for the packet, it has a size chart but it is the old Small/Medium/Large/X-Large chart, and the tights are in the new system so you cannot relate the M/L on the front of the packet to the chart on the back.

The construction was a bit of a surprise in that the cable design is restricted to just the straight legs; the panty is un-patterned and around 60 denier. The panty features a cotton gusset and is well finished.

The sizing accuracy can’t be commented on, but we can say that these tights are made for the tall and slim lady with enough length and stretch in the leg to cope with a 34” leg. The panty is not generous (42” hips would be the biggest we would recommend you try to squeeze in) but like the legs, it fits well.

The cable patterning is very flattering and suitable for any time of the day. Warm and comfortable these are a great alternative to basic opaques in the colder months. Chic and sophisticated tights for a budget price.

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