Charnos Boudoir Scantihose


Charnos Boudoir Scantihose are so sexy!

Scantihose does push the boundary of tights/pantyhose to the limit, and perhaps a little beyond. The Charnos Boudoir Suspender Tights just stay on the tights side of the line, these we would say are stockings.

So what are they like?

Well, they are packed like tights, but when you take them off the card, you can see that each leg is topped with what looks like half of a suspender belt, not clipped on but sewn on. The two halves are joined together to make one garment with two plastic slips, one front and one back.

The legs themselves are entirely straight, finished at one end with a lightly reinforced toe and the other with a finger band about 6 cm deep and then a 1.5 cm deep cuff to which the short “suspender” is attached.

The leg has a smooth and reasonably soft satin finish with an even colour, and there is plenty of length.

The legs are designed so that any two legs can be put together to make a pair, that is why they are unshaped. On the face of this, this makes them more economical, as, in theory, you could do what you did in the 80s with stockings, always buy two pairs, so you had a full pair until the third accident. The downside, of course, is that every time you throw a leg away, you are doing the same to half a suspender belt.

The suspender belt presents the second issue; there is nothing like what you would bet in a pair of tights. You must buy exactly the right size or be faced with not being able to fasten the clips at the waist/hips.

Our view is this; these are an excellent novelty, and quite sexy, but we would prefer either tights or stockings with a suspender belt. Sometimes the combination of two things provides the worst of both rather than the best.

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