Charnos Backseam Tights


Charnos Backseam Tights is perfect for this summer.

The only clue you get as to the design of these tights is what you can see through the packet. For reasons best known to themselves Charnos use a generic “fashion” packet with even the fact that they are tights being indicated by a sticker on the outside.

Our second criticism also related to the packaging; to show off the seam a piece of card is inserted in one leg, leading in the case of our test pair to a pulled thread.

The person who designed the tights must be livid at the idiot who did the packaging!

The tights are great, about 12 denier and sheer to waist. Flat seams and a cotton gusset in the panty. The legs have a seam down the back of course, and this runs into a reinforced sole via smart heel detail. The top of the foot is entirely sheer so you can wear these tights with open toe shoes, the seams run all the way to the waistband so you can wear as short a skirt as you dare.

You can’t help but feel sexy when you slip these tights on, not just because of the seams, although the fact that they run effortlessly straight up the backs of your legs helps. They feel so smooth and soft, and you can’t help but notice how they add a silky sheen to your legs.  The deep waistband makes them very comfortable, the Lycra gives a fantastic fit and did we mention they are sexy?

Great tights that are among the best-seamed tights we have tried, and at a reasonable price.

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