Charnos 24/7 Sheer Gloss Tights


Charnos 24/7 Sheer Gloss Tights are the way to go!

We need to start this review with a confession. This is a style of tights that has been around for years and which we though we knew very well. Last week our web master’s wife had one of those unfortunate ‘ripped tights’ accidents and had to buy a replacement pair in her lunch hour. She bought Charnos 24/7 tights, and that evening we had a few comments to be added to the review. And here is the confession; we had never done a review!

Luckily these tights come in a pack of two pairs, so there was still one in pristine condition for us to review.

Charnos are working to a budget so both pairs of tights share a single card and plastic bag in the packet. The construction of the tights is in the same vain with standard seams in the boxer style brief and reinforced toes to finish the straight legs. There is no skimping on quality though, these tights are well made of good quality yarn. Charnos very sensibly did nor economize on the gusset, which is cotton lined.

The boxer brief and reinforced toes may not shout “classy” or “expensive”, but they do ensure that these 10 denier tights are durable. As a sheer to waist with sandal toes 10 denier would not be practical for everyday wear, and these are as the name suggests everyday tights.

Four sizes are available, small to XL, with XL being shaped for the shorter more hippy lady and large being styled longer.

Length is not overly generous but the sizing is accurate, stay within the suggested heights and weights and these tights will fit beautifully. It was comfort that really drew our web master’s wife to these tights.

There is a nice shine to the finish on the legs, although they feel a little rough to the touch and look heavier than 10 denier. Great tights for a day at the office, but you would want to change before going out on a date.

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