Cette Vienna Seamed Tights


Cette Vienna Tights are one of the most magnificent seamed tights ever!

Cette Vienna Seamed Tights are from Cette’s “Fun” collection. “Fun” is a word that worries us, as it conjures up images of expensive, poorly made one size tights made for the bedroom (is that just us?). Anyways, no such concern here, these are pretty severe fashion tights that come in a range.

The three smallest sizes have a cotton lined gusset, and the largest size has a comfort gusset to cope with fuller figures. The panty is made sheer to waist. There is a tiny amount of shaping at the heel, and the toes are reinforced, but in a way that makes them look sheerer than the rest of the tights; and the toes have a run stop feature, so holes in the toe do not run into the leg. All in all excellently featured sheer tights.

The 16 denier material has correctly even colour and is the perfect base to show off the reinforced sole and heel and the back seam. The seams run all the way from the top of the pyramid heel to the waistband.

Set the heel correctly, and the seam runs arrow straight up the back of your leg first time, no need for twisting and adjusting. The foot is long and stretchy enough that even if you have bigger than average, the heel detail will still show correctly.

Sizing is spot on, with more length than the maximum heights in the table would suggest. We commend Cette too for including guidance on hip measurement as well as height and weight; it is the hip size that will determine whether you need size L or size Super. The cut off between Large and Super is a hip measurement of 44”.

The fit is excellent as is the level of comfort. A pleasure to wear and the seams on our test pair stayed straight without any problems. Excellent tights that are among the best-seamed tights we have seen.

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