Cette Quebec Semi Opaque Tights


Cette Quebec Tights are of the highest quality!

Most brands have a 40 denier semi-opaque style in their range, and with good reason, as they are suitable in most circumstances where one would typically choose a sheer or opaque. Where this style stands out is in having an additional size for larger ladies. The “Super” size is designed to fit ladies who are in the medium height range, but bigger than the maximum hip size for the large size. This makes perfect sense as generally shorter, more full figured ladies can get a larger taller size to fit on the hips, and the extra leg length is quickly lost.

The Supersize features a comfort gusset rather than the cotton gusset of the three smaller sizes but shares the other features such as reinforced toes and flat seams in the panty.

Cette is one of the dark horses of the hosiery industry; it is easy to forget until you slip a pair of their tights from the packet just how nicely they are made and the impression of quality they give. Sheer to waist, entirely shaped legs and a smooth, soft feel in hand…gorgeous!

Although not considered a support or compression tights, there is a noticeable squeeze at the ankle, which is very gentle and refreshing. The fit is perfect from hip to toe, and the comfort gusset in the supersize is one of the better examples we have encountered (but we still prefer the fit of the cotton gusset). The thick finger band and waistband are soft, comfortable and stay in place beautifully even on a fuller figure.

Sizing is more generous regarding length than we expected, we suspect that the supersize is based on the large size and will cope with the same range of heights.

The look on the leg is pure quality, perfect even colour with a lovely satin sheen. You will feel as good as you look wearing these tights and we have no hesitation in recommending them.

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