Cette Long Beach Tights


Cette Long Beach Tights are great for this summer!

This season sees a resurgence of sheer natural hosiery, and this style from Cette promises all you could wish for from tights trying to give you that “is she or isn’t she?” bare legged look…ultra fine, matte finish, sheer to waist and sandal toe. So does it deliver?

First impressions are excellent indeed; even the largest of the three sizes weighs almost nothing and what weight there is in in the waistband. Soft and smooth in hand they simply beg to be put on.

Detailing is uncomplicated but well considered. The straight legs are finished with a simple toe seam, and then it is light sheer fabric all the way to the narrow finger band that gives a transition to the plain waistband. The seams in the body are flat, and there is a thin reinforced strip either side of the seam and around the cotton lined gusset for strength.

As you put them on these tights grip your skin and disappear, they do give that perfect bare leg look with only a slight sheen from all that Lycra giving any hint that you may be wearing tights.

The Lycra seems entirely consumed in giving a fit like a coat of paint with nothing left to provide stretch. The sizing is entirely accurate, with very little latitude if you are taller or heavier than the suggested sizing. The body is quite short, and on most ladies of average build, this will probably mean that they are worn by hipsters rather than on the waist.

A great example of sheer summer tights that delivers what it promised.

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