Cette Leopardi Tights


Cette Leopardi Tights are a fast way to look good!

Leopard prints are going to be something that you either love or hate. All we would say is that one leopard print in a single outfit is enough, mix different leopard prints, and the look just won’t work.

A high proportion of the top fashion prints that we review sacrifice a lot of quality in the construction and focus on the design. In this case, the tights are of good quality, they are of uniform weight and finish from hip to toe, there are a cotton lined gusset and flat seams in the panty. The waistband is quite thick at 4cm and is attached to the sheer panty by a 3cm thick finger band.

The legs are unshaped and have a printed on leopard skin pattern from the run stop behind the lightly reinforced toes to the tops of the thighs. The pattern is well designed and printed, so there is no straight line where the pattern meets itself.

The fit is excellent, and the sizing is accurate. These are adorable tights to wear, very comfortable and reasonably soft to the touch. There is a definite sense of quality and strength.

We would suggest wearing with closed toe shoes as the sheer toe looks a little strange; and with skirts or shorts that are not too short, you want only the leopard print on show. Cette may have missed a trick by not including a false garter in the design to give the impression of hold-up stockings.

£13.95 is not cheap, but the tights themselves would be worth nearly that without the design.

We did not expect to like these tights, but we did; find yourself a suitable party to go to and buy a pair…better still create a stir and wear them to the office!

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  1. Interesting review thinking I need these and would look great on. I do have other animal print tights just not the brown color. They don’t make a style or color I wouldn’t wear of course my collection reflects that.

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