Cette Helsinki Hold Ups


Cette Helsinki Hold Ups are a great blend of opaques and stockings!

The sharp-eyed reader will have noticed that these are stockings rather than tights. This is not the first time we have reviewed stockings, but it may be the last. We hope to open in the very near future, and all stockings reviews will be there.

Cette makes these hold up stockings in two sizes, Small/Medium for if you are under 5’6” and 140lbs and Large if you are taller than 5’5”.

We looked at the large size, and our first impression was that they seemed very short. Construction is very straightforward on a straight leg with a non-reinforced toe. The welt is made up of four narrow parallel bands joined by fine vertical fibres to give a banded effect on the leg. The top three of these bands are backed with silicone to grip the leg.

Being microfibre, the feel in hand is very soft; the softness is even more pronounced on the leg. The finish is matt, and the colour is perfectly even.

The Lycra in the fibre ensures plenty of stretches to fit even the longest of legs, the three bands of silicone ensure that once in place they stay where you put them.

The fit is good, but we did notice just a little creasing at the knee with legs bent. The welt detail is lovely, and we would suggest that you wear with a skirt length calculated to give just an “accidental” glimpse from time to time.

Maybe just a little expensive at £10.99 but if you are torn between opaque tights and wearing stockings, these are the perfect compromise.

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