Cette Dublin Opaque Tights


Cette Dublin Tights are the way to go!

All through opaque pantyhose, with a crotch in usual sizes and with a back gusset in size super. What they are trying to say is that these are sheer to waist tights with a gusset in sizes S-L and a rear panel in XL.

We find ourselves testing these opaque tights in the spring when we would hope to be looking at summer ranges, but with the British weather, opaques can be part of your wardrobe at almost any time of the year.

On card these tights look so lovely it is almost a pity to remove them, our test pair is in the shade called loden, which is a dark olive green. The feel in hand is quite soft; the surface has a definite texture so cannot be described as smooth.

The brief is finished with high-quality flat seams; a cotton lined gusset and a 3 cm deep waistband. The legs are entirely straight, and look quite short.

The fit is quite good, but we would have preferred a little more Lycra in the mix.

The broad waistband makes these tights very conformable to wear and holds them in place well. The leg length proved to be adequate. Size chart appears accurate.

The colour is very even, and this weight of opaque is quite flattering, being just sheer enough to see the leg underneath. Our test pair had a slight manufacturing fault on one leg; we are disappointed that quality control at Cette did not pick this up. The finish is smooth and quite soft, some satin sheen is apparent in the right light. Good everyday sheers, in an ideal weight.

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