Cette Dijon Tights


Cette Dijon Tights are perfectly versatile!

These tights are at the cheaper end of the Cette range of tights, and they are remarkable for some things. Firstly they are made only in larger sizes; Medium, Large, Super and Super XL. Sizing is not consistent with the rest of the Cette range either, as they are made full with a comfort/back gusset. Secondly, rather than coming in a flat packet on a card, you get three pairs in a box 7.5 x 7.5 x 11.5 cm (3 x 3 x 4.5 inches).

This may not look spectacular but it does save on waste packaging and from a practical point of view, it means you can keep the box with two spare pairs in your office, in your car or even in your handbag if you are following the fashion for large bags.

If we were to be critical, it would be nice if the tights were individually wrapped inside the box. Anyway taking one pair off the roll, you see that these tights are made with straight legs and a boxer style brief. The toes are reinforced and are connected to the leg with a run stop so a ladder in the toe won’t go on up into the leg. The boxer brief has the comfort gusset already mentioned and sound quality, but not flat, seams. Although 100% nylon, the knit does give plenty of stretch and fit is good, but there is a tendency to sag a little with wear.

The crepe finish is entirely matt. Colour is even, and these tights feel excellent as well as looking nice on the leg. The brief won’t win any awards for sexiness, but sizing and the absence of Lycra mean that you will not feel constricted wearing them.

Good everyday tights, helpful if you need a larger size without spending a fortune.

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