Cervin Paris Seduction Seamed Tights


Cervin Paris Seduction Seamed Tights is adorable!

The summer is over and the party season is fast approaching so what better time to look at that ultimate party accessory seamed tights. A number of makers try this style every year but what sets this one apart is that it comes from Cervin who have a long tradition in classic seamed stockings.

Despite the pre-1960s styling, Cervin has used modern technology in the form of Lycra, this won’t please the stockings purists but it should greatly improve the fit of tights compared to what the 1960s generation had to endure.

Bicolour for those of you not fluent in French means dual colour, more specifically in the case of our review sample chocolate brown detailing on natural tights.

The tights are essentially like any other high quality 15 denier sheer to waist finished with flat seams in the panty and a cotton lined gusset. The panty features a deep finger band for improved durability and fit. The 3 thread back seam is added afterwards and runs from gusset level to the heel. It is at the heel that the design gets really interesting. The heel is a fully formed reinforced heel knitted in the contrast colour, the pyramid that gives transition from the heel to the seam is knitted into the natural material of the tights making it a shade lighter than the heel. The reinforced toe is again knitted in the contrast colour.

So how are they to wear? Sublime. The foot is sensibly sized so that even if you have larger than average feet you can still get the heel correctly positioned and the fully fashioned heel cups and caresses. The legs fit like a second skin, essentially a mat finish but with a hint of shine in the right light. Sizing is accurate but the Lycra has been used to give not fit rather than to give stretch so read that size chart carefully.

The look on the leg is stunning. The 3 thread seam is clear and sharp and runs straight as an arrow.

At first, we’re a little disappointed that the seam was not perfectly finished and aligned where it met the pyramid heel but on reflection, we decided that this simply added to the authenticity.

At last, the look of seamed stockings combined the convenience of tights…We love them!

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