Cervin Paris Place Vendome Tights

Cervin Paris Place Vendome Tights

Cervin Paris Place Vendome Tights are phenomenal!

It seems as though silk tights are like buses; you wait for ages for one and then two come along at the same time. Only two weeks have passed since we looked at our first ever pair of silk tights from Gerbe and now we have another, this time from Cervin Paris. To be strictly accurate this particular bus has not arrived, we have merely been told by Cervin Paris that they will be releasing two weights of 100% silk tights in September 2008, 15 denier and 30 denier. We have been lucky enough to get a pre-production sample of the 15 denier to look at.

These are incredibly light and sheer tights made entirely sheer to waist with lightly reinforced heels and toes, fully fashioned in the style of silk stockings. The seams in the panty are flat and very nicely made, and there is a lined gusset. The waistband is of the sewn-on elastic type often found on fishnets and high-end tights from the likes of Fogal and Gerbe. Cleverly Cervin has included a loose-knit finger band between the very stretch waistband and the almost non-stretch panty; this should prevent strain on the material at the stitching and avoid any expensive rips.

So what are they like to wear? If you are used to tights with lots of Lycra they will feel somewhat strange, but if you buy the right size they will fit very nicely, and the waistband will keep them in place. Our test pair was a perfect fit. The finish is very smooth and soft, and of course being silk rather than nylon they manage to keep you warm yet feeling cool too. They felt lighter and sheerer than the other tights she had tested for us this week, this was interesting she was comparing these 15 denier silk tights to La Perla Leger Tights at 8 denier and Falke Fond De Poudre Tights at 8 denier.

Colour is very even, but you do get a little creasing an ankle and knee when you bend your leg. Such is the finish of these tights that those creases look attractive, they shout “expensive hosiery”.

If you need or want silk tights, these are the ones to buy!

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