Cervin Paris Pigalle Tights


Cervin Paris Pigalle Tights are amazing Suspender-Like Tights!

Part of the very latest range of “sexy tights” from Cervin Paris, these high-quality suspender tights will be available soon.

Sizes 1-4 in black will be the choice. Our test pair is in size two which should fit height up to 170 cm (5’7”) if you are a very slim 55 kg (120 lbs) or 163 cm (5’4”) if you are a slim 63 kg (135 lbs).

In common with the suspender tights from Leg Avenue and Pretty Polly, the legs are sheer, and the “stocking top” and “suspender belt” are heavier.

The toes are reinforced, so it is not an option to wear these tights with open toe shoes.

The waistband is broad and a lovely lace design. The sheer legs are smooth and soft with very even colour.

As yet we have not been able to check the fit as we have not had anyone small enough to get into these tights available. Like other Cervin hosiery, they appear to be a bit on the small side.

If you can get them in your size and you like the suspender styling, we would recommend you try these tights.

One of our readers had this to say:

“If you like suspender tights, you will love these! There is lovely lace patterning (not shown in the photo) in the reinforced panty below the lace waistband and at the top of the legs. The size guide seems accurate, size 3 – Large fitted my height (5’10”) since I am very slim [UK size 8]. Not sure if these will have the durability expected of 20 denier. But then again, you may not be buying them for everyday wear.”

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