Cervin Paris Pauline Tights


Cervin Paris Pauline Tights is bold and brash!

Cervin is never scared to be bold, and these tights are designed like no other we have seen before.

It has to be said that these tights did feel a little rough in the hands when we first took them out of the packet, but as soon as open them out, we were more interested in looking that touching.

The Cervin waistband is of the sewn-on elastic type with the scalloped edge and woven in the logo that we have admired so often before on tights from Cervin and Gerbe and Fogal. Very classy and guaranteed to stay in place. The panty is finished with flat seams and an unlined gusset.

The patterning runs from the waistband all the way to the ankle where it gives way to a shaped heel and foot of standard 60 denier material. The foot is finished with a sandal toe.

The feather patterning is quite lovely, although the matte finish of these tights did not show it off entirely as well as a glossy finish may have done. The patterning is all over the front as far down as the knees, at the knees, it twists around the outside of the legs to finish just above the heel. These are tights to wear with classic hi heels shoes combined with a skirt that shows plenty of legs. Sexy enough for a big night out, classy enough for the office if you have the courage.

Sizing is exactly as per the size chart; fit is excellent. A real step up from basic opaque tights put a bit of fun into the colder months.

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