Cervin Paris Opera Tights


Cervin Paris Opera Tights is an instant classic pair of tights!

If pictures on packets were the only criteria, these tights would be the best… what beautiful legs!

These are 100% nylon tights made in 5 sizes.

When you first see these tights on their card they look like they will be smooth and soft, so the first touch is quite a surprise, really quite rough.

The second surprise is that they are not sheer to waist. The sheer legs with their beautifully detailed reinforced heel are attached to a heavier boxer style brief. The brief is detailed with a rear comfort panel in all sizes with a lined gusset area. Seams are of course flat. The waistband is about 1 cm deep and highly elasticated.

There is not much stretch in the legs, and these tights are very much like classic nylon stockings to wear. Our test pair were in the natural shade “Gazelle”, and they are almost invisible on the leg, even the reinforced heel and toe seemed to blend in. You can only detect that they are there at all by the touch, or by listening for the lovely sound as the legs brush together.

The heavier, more elastic panty is needed to keep the 100% nylon sheerlegs in place. The fit from the rear comfort panel is a little loose if you are slim in the hips.

The legs fit very well, and the waistband keeps everything in place with no rollover.

What Cervin have done here is give a look and feel of classic nylon stockings but in a beautifully made pair of tights. Somehow they combined all the things we usually dislike, reinforced boxer brief, 0% Lycra, comfort gusset and made some tights that we like.

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