Cervin Paris Emilie Luxe Tights


Cervin Paris Emilie Luxe Tights are super high quality!

We have two 15 denier styles from Cervin Paris. These are more expensive and far more exclusive.

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The quality of these tights is apparent on the card. As you take them off the cardboard, they naturally flow. Ever so soft and smooth in hand.

The first thing you notice visually is the huge lined gusset that gives way to a rear comfort panel. Although there is no information on the packet, we suspect this is a feature of sizes 4 and 5.

The brief is finished with flat seams and topped by the Cervin waistband. This is the scalloped top design that we have seen on Gerbe and Fogal tights as well as other premium styles from Cervin.

These are sheer to waist tights with a twist. Cervin has managed to incorporate a reinforced toe and fully knitted heel without them being thicker or darker than the leg fabric. A lovely touch.

You would guess at a denier below 15 as you start to slip these tights on, they feel so soft and sheer. The toe is almost invisible, but the feel is quite dull to see, this is a good thing as it is ideally placed and adds a real touch of quality.

Leg length in size 4 is suitable for up to a 34” leg. Fit on the leg is excellent and the finish is smooth and soft.

The quality waistband makes sure everything stays just where you put it, and for once we like the rear comfort panel, it is appropriately sized and does not make the tights feel baggy in the seat.

Beautiful tights that are a joy to wear. Our only concern is that our test pair had a manufacturing fault in one leg, something we would hope not to see in tights of this quality

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